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AF's Crazy, Zany, Whacked Out (not so) Adventure into Cambodialand: Reactions and Comments!

You asked for it … how my darling friends and family reacted to the news I am spending a few months in Phnom Penh with the hopes of securing that salaried position that eludes me here and relocate (semi?) permanently in the fall.  So I am sharing their comments. All unbelievable supportive. I am blessed. Truly.


Allie...What can I say that I already haven't?  Wonderfully written epistle and one to be envious of "Oh The Places You Will Go".  Saved in my Family file and to look back on at the end of the summer.  Proud of you in every way and my love, confidence, caring, prayers
will be with you all the way from my heart to yours.  Devotedly,  

I am proud of you.  This will be an experience of a lifetime few will know.  The organization's mission is vital.  How challenging to be a part of the effort to support free press in this new democracy. 

Good, good luck and have the time if your life. I'm jealous that you get to actually live out your dreams. Few of us are fortunate( or brave) enough to do so. So take lots of pictures and email frequently to let us see a little bit into your adventurous world.

Well! My memories of Phnom Penh were those of a place that very few outsiders would ever be heard from again if they ended up by chance on Terra Firma in that part of the world! Times change. And once you are settled there and hopefully successful in your business endeavors, we wouldn't mind coming for a visit. I must say  that I admire your "bravado" if not outright audacity in taking on this challenge! Do the Cambodians do business in English? Do they even like Americans in their country? As you can see I have no idea of what the culture or political attitudes are at this time. I am very open to being educated in this regard, so please keep me on the "update" list.  I am truly fascinated  in your quest. Seems like you will need a little Hutzpah and a lot of deodorant!

D/M W:
So very proud of you and excited for you.  I absolutely love your spirit, and always have.  You'll have to post lots of pics on Facebook, or send them via email so we can live vicariously though you!  Excited that you'll be closer to Charlie too.  You're such a cool mom. Thanks for sharing the news and your perspectives.  We both love you so much and are very excited for you!

What a great and exciting adventure.  You go girl!!! I’ll be anxious to hear more.

I am in awe of your gumption and chutzpah!  I hope that you will be able to email.  I will try to follow your blog.  Best of luck.  I will bet that you will have a pay job within a month, if not sooner!!!

You are such an inspirational, brave woman. I love how you grab life and fight for yourself!  Have a wonderful adventure!!!!!

You sound wonderful, energized, focused, and open to the possibilities ... I popped on the site for a minute and will explore more later ... Oh my.. what you will get regardless of the specific outcome... Definitely motivation for me to  get Skype up and running...

WOW... Wow and more Wow!
Go for it ... We all knew this would happen sooner or later.  I admire your determination and know it will keep you in good stead.  We stand ready to serve in any way possible...may The Force remain with you,  Stay in touch and God Speed.

Ah I see you hot pink with possibilities!!!! And am happy happy for you!!!!! You are still a FREE bird with adventures to fulfill!!  Cam~bod is your new Camp~Bode! From Maine to that french/asian/young~upstart country is just for you!  I am very proud you have found a "calling" there. I feel because everything is flowing into place, there is more for you than you
know! Surprises, mysteries and miracles at every turn!  Love and joy

Wow and bravo!  May you have great success, romance, fun, spiritual awakening (if you need that sort of thing), and altogether, all good things.  You have our support and love and whatever we can do to help.

OMG! You inspire so many of us to reach beyond our comfort zones and live! I admire that and so many other things about you and count myself lucky to call you my friend.

AMAZING!!!!! I am so happy for you--sounds golden. I love how you describe this. Cannot wait to talk face to face.

Well, this is exciting news.  What an adventure awaits.  I'm not sure that I would have the courage to make such a big change -- and I guess I am a home body at heart.  It's funny what 60 does!

Bravo to you for your gutsy decision!  I mean it! 

LB (whose granddaddy came into Ponca City with Will Rogers!):
Are you making this up?!  Fortunately, Phnom Penh will not seem so strange as Oklahoma. I know you’re sane. If you had stayed in OK I’d have doubted you. This move...fabulous opportunity.  Nothing wrong with emerging Asia -- just a tad alien to this cowboy.

Wow. We'll talk.

This move sounds wonderful for you!  You have been toying with this part of the world for some time and we are glad you have an action plan.  We have every confidence that things will turn out exactly as you hope.

No need to be envious.... you are my idol! I am thrilled for you.  I haven't known you as long as some, but a kindred spirit recognizes another. your spirit has been restless. If you have found a mission for now, leap into it! why not? You are on a course, where it will lead is the best part of the journey. If you don't, you risk your soul withering a bit.  Yes, I have a granddaughter, whom I am madly besotted with, but I will take the train someday.  You go, run, explore, fall in love, fall down, get back up, but never give up. go where the wind blows.

What a marvelous adventure, Allie!  Have a grand and awakening time and I look forward to hearing all about it. Much love.

Good luck to you! Sounds like an amazing adventure.

How exciting! Please keep the blog going so we can see how you are and what you are experiencing. I know you will WOW them. You go girl!

YOU'RE AMAZING!!!  I'm so proud to call you my friend ... one that does add vodka when handed lemons!  I love how you felt called to the country, I hope this new life adventure becomes exactly what you want it to be!  When my doggie passes, I may join you, ‘cause I won't have a thing to tie me here!  (I don't have grandchildren - nor work anymore- and also feel the 401K tanking hard!  UGH!)  Best of luck, safe travels,  good wishes ... sending much love!

Wow, cousin, you really are an inspiration!  It's exciting to watch you reinvent yourself.   Flighty?  Hardly. Courageous and fearless. With such energy and willingness to engage the world.  I don't know how you do it. A month of travel and then relocating. While keeping your house?  That's reassuring, by the way, that you'll be back now and then.  Not that we've managed to see each other as we wanted, which is sad.  The four hour drive to Cape Breton is a big deal for me.  No, I'm the envious one. And a little awestruck. 

I LOVE IT!!!  You go girl.  Go take the steps so few of us take – step outside the norm and breathe in the occasional discomfort, but always eye-opening experience, of a completely different culture.  I’m so glad you re-caught the bug and are leaping towards adventure.  We truly only live once (that we know of…)  Enjoy! 

ALICE!!!   I am so proud of you!  I am reading this like I read Eat Pray Love – you have to write a book about your life especially this second half of life.  I wish you the best of luck, be safe and I will follow your blog.  Warmest, fondest, and all the best wishes of EVERYTHING (man included) going your way.

Buon viaggio! Pace e bene!

As they say "GO GIRL"

I think of you as brave and adventurous. I can't wait to hear the reports from Cambodia ... all about your exciting travels, and great success. It was so sweet to see you, Allie! Your go for attitude is a great inspiration to me. Who knows maybe we'll meet in Phnom Penh. Lots of Love!

Please send many, many updates!  Post lots to Facebook and your blog!  I'm super excited for you!!!  Sounds like an amazing part of the world!! Good luck to you and your new adventure!

Allie ... I LOVE IT!   You are so very, very brave and I am green with envy.  I admire you and can't wait to hear about this adventure. 

Dear Brady Lady ... wishing you all the best!  Fly well, live well and have so much fun. I hope it all works out for you. Look forward to following your travels, work and exciting life ahead xoxo

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