Monday, April 02, 2012

Indochina Beckons

In the morning I excitedly leave the comforts of my charming antique home near the coast of Maine, warm loving family and delightful lifelong friends for the excitement of contributing to a new life in Phnom Penh, Cambodia land of the killing fields and opportunity where precious new friends await, the heat of the sub-tropics dauntingly real (hello, Rosanna-danna hair) and an economy poised to emerge in its rightful place in regional Southeast Asian and the global arenas.

Ah but first, after a sixteen plus hour flight over the pole, an airport rendez-vous with my beloved Charlie and his darling friend amid the hurried bustle of Hong Kong as global travellers en route as they criss-cross the planet.  A leisurely lunch, a kiss and a bear hug and we are off. Him to the jungle paradise of Laos; me to my new home dusty but coming alive from the horrors of their recent past and a millennium of slow growth ... a confusing juxtaposition of sophisticated culture and rancid poverty amid the lemongrass and golden palace at the confluence of three rivers.

Over the coming weeks and months, these pages will recount tales of the absurd, nuanced glimpses into this ancient society still living much as it did in the 9th century ... impressive, poignant observations of the Cambodia that both enchants and haunts, presented with sensitivity and compassion as the Khmer move forward with gentleness and hope. 

Bear with me as my voice emerges balanced with a wry sense of the absurd intertwined with a compassionate heartfelt perspective. At times bittersweet. Others hilarious. Some insightful and compelling. But always, always respectful if not a bit irreverent. Maybe a little irrelevant. Pick and choose. Join me on this wild ride through my beloved Indochina where the aroma of freshly baking croissants mingles with the stench of garbage piled high, the sounds of ancient Khmer are tinged with a bit of Franglais and the town comes alive with the patois of foreign expats and the beat of jazz. Listen to the beat of your own drummer pounding an internal message ever so quietly ... and think about visiting this enchanted land of dichotomies.

So, courageous co-travellers, fasten your seat belts and place the tray tables into their upright locked positions.  In two days (if the stars align properly) we'll be on the ground in my beguiling, enchanting, zany home across the globe sipping a dry Hendricks martini three olives up ... and hanging on tightly to a batik fabric loop in the tuk-tuk adventure of a lifetime!

Wahoo. Let the games begin!

Indochine ... ici je viens avec contentment et plaisir!!! Come visit, you are always welcome!


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